In modern fashion technology, the demand for perfection begins right at the birth of the raw material, permeates through every single process, till the highly discerning customer dons the finished garment. It is this demand for perfection that has spurred the growth of an organization and its corporate philosophy.

Those who can furnish clients with the best quality, competitive price, and excellent customer services and prompt delivery can only survive in the market. Sri Sana Spinners (Jai groups) takes immense pride in perceiving its role as the comprehensive architect of every single yarn that its produces.

TEXCO APPARELS is a multi-unit, multi-interest business group with a wide range of industrial activity, an organization that has founded its evolution on value-based commercial practice. Sana Spinners Limited was established in 2002 with an initial capacity of 3,000 spindles.

Over its four decades of chequered growth it has expanded to 16,000 spindles brand of RIETER MACHINES ( Switzeeland) & POWERED with AUTOCONERS. The company commenced operations with the manufacture of grey, gassed, mercerized and dyed cotton yarn. Today, the company has carved a niche for itself on the textile map of the country.