As a responsible apparel producer, we are providing a peaceful work environment high above the law required levels. We installed duct Air coolers and proper out ventilations to maintain RH level in working zone. We updated LED lightings and overhead mirror reflectors in lamps for provide exact LUX for workers and using latest technologies in plants like non leakage cable wires and bus bar for electrical fittings.

Clearly demarcated emergency Exits & Routes. Smoke and fire detectors , high quality fire extinguishers and automatic fire extinguisher balls , fire resistant doors , nonstop Battery power Exit LED Lights and Alarms, consciously designed working layouts ensure a safe workplace for workers , as per ISO requirements, instructions and warnings signs are posted in highly visible places, inside and outside factory in a local language ( TAMIL ).

Moreover, using needle guards in time of sewing, metal gloves in time of cutting, using rubber gloves when electrical works, non slippage rubber mates in wet areas and such as similar procedures reduces significantly work related accidents in our factory.

A cool and peaceful working zone , pure water , neat dining , clean toilets , and good air are the perfect environment which has present in TEXCOAPPARELS. Besides being safe , texco workplace offers a congenial & supporting environment for all staffs and workers work in mutual cooperation and respect.